Jun 14 2023



Goodie gumdrops! It’s the grand opening of the new Sweetie Candy Vigilante sweet shop, fully transformed, with obsessed customers lined-up to be the first to sample the ‘sweet’ new life and meet the CANDY VIGILANTE squad. The adoring crowd, decked out in official Candy Vigilante merch, have come to check out the goods, and hang on to Sweetie’s every word. She is the OG Gumm Baller!

Candy Wolf and Pixie serve-up selfies and autographs for candy-crazed fans; their verified presence on social media has made them instant rock stars. At 1.5 million followers and rapidly growing, Gummee Bear’s online marketing skills bring it like bees to honey—reaching a sweet new global audience with limited edition confectionary drops. Meanwhile, Tinsel has decked the halls of the NYC flagship location to max potential—and it’s time to get LIT!

NYPD forensics conclude the mysterious goo found on the wounds of the headless hoodlum have chemistry consistent with some seriously KILLER cherry juice, and when the homicide division pays a routine visit to the decedent’s last known business address, they find the newly opened sweet shop in its place.

Taken aback by Sweetie’s enchanting presence and unusual, yet charming demeanor, the cops are dealt a cold case of brain freeze, and the start of a major showdown soon follows. This issue goes off like Cherry Bombz … fizzy bang boom!!

Life is SWEET… don’t be salty—get issue #6 of Sweetie Candy Vigilante!


May 07 2023

Our METAL AS F*CK Online Exclusive Editions of Sweetie Candy Vigilante feature an actual aluminum metal cover! These visually stunning, brilliant metal covers provide another dimension to the artwork with vibrant colors and incredible details. Utilizing a long-lasting dye-infused printing process on .020 thick aluminum, it’s the ultimate limited edition enhancement. These super-sweet rare variants are highly limited editions and unavailable anywhere else! Get yours now at


Apr 05 2023



The NYPD gets a code dead and investigates the case of a headless-hoodlum, only to find a mysterious, gooey, pink substance on the body at the candy-coated crime scene. Meanwhile, Sweetie’s Candy Vigilante have successfully taken back their house and transformed the Ice Cream Bunny to its former glory. Destined to become their new flagship store, it’s soon to bring sweetness back to the city—and currently trending on social media too! Isn’t that nice?

Pixie pledges herself to eternal goodness, and with a sacramental bite of Sweetie’s “sweet tooth,” joins the ranks of immortals. Debuting new threads, and a new signature weapon, the sugar rush has gifted “Sweet P” with the skill, agility, and drip of a ninja warrior.

We get hard-boiled deets on the Peter Cottontail, his hopped-up sidekick Jack Rabbit’s jellybean habit, and a super-charged monster truck—fueled by ice cream. Plus, delve deeper into Sweetie’s mission statement, and the reveal of a speakeasy for the council of immortals. On the salty side, Sweetie’s sworn enemy Bart Volgare and his evil crime syndicate K.Y.E. may think they’ve destroyed the sweetness, but in time, Sweetie and her Candy Vigilante will see to it that all rotten eggs get their JUST DESSERTS!

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Also check out a ‘sweet’ REVIEW of the new issue at THE COMIC BOOK DISPATCH who rate the issue a 9 out of 10 and surmise:

“… another fantastic issue of my favorite Dynamite Entertainment series. The art is vibrant, Sweetie and her world are fascinating and always makes you want to see more, and the new characters introduced this issue will make the series even more rich in issues to come. Recommended. 9/10”

Look for Sweetie Candy Vigilante Issue #6 “The Gumm Baller” coming June 21st, 2023!


Feb 08 2023



It’s Pixie’s first day in the weapons room at the Candy Vigilante factory; time to get schooled in the fine art of sugar-fueled firepower! Sweetie unveils the JAWBREAKER, her signature weapon developed for ‘overly chatty’ bad eggs, and things get explosive for Mr. Uh Oh! and Mr. Oh No!-a couple of dummies with rotten DNA who aren’t having a very GOOD day. A mysterious, magical, confectionary potion called ‘Lost Cherry’ is introduced, and Candy Wolf drops sweet knowledge on Pixie about Super Naturals and Immortal beings. Meanwhile, if you think bringing a gun to an axe fight is a GOOD idea, think again. Sweetie’s immortal allies, witch-hunting duo assassins, Hansel and Gretel, come prepared. Will it be a BAD decision for Skurvy, the ‘former’ proprietor of the Ice Cream Bunny? Will the low-life crime syndicate solider remain sweet-tempered, or lose his head, and his bar, in the process? Just sayin’ pa POP! Get ready to raise a glass and kick some ass, it’s all going down the hatch in Sweetie Candy Vigilante #4: Lost Cherry.

Click and visit our Issues section to view all variant covers for Issue #4 plus covers for all prior issues too!

PREVIEW several pages from the issue online now at BLEEDING COOL!

Also check out a ‘sweet’ REVIEW of the new issue at THE COMIC BOOK DISPATCH

Look for Sweetie to return in Issue #5 on April 5th, 2023!


Feb 07 2023

Sweetie Candy Vigilante Issue #4 “Lost Cherry” is OUT NOW and to celebrate we’ve dropped this All-New Tee featuring the variant cover art created for the issue by Godmachine.

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Oct 10 2022

Meet Creators Suzanne & John Cafiero signing copies of Sweetie Candy Vigilante #1, Wed Oct 19th from 5-7pm at A&S Comics 563 Cedar Lane, Teaneck, NJ, (201) 801-0500. Multiple covers will be available for purchase including a few rare incentive covers too!


Oct 02 2022

FPNYC is excited to announce that we will be celebrating the release of the new Dynamite Entertainment comic Sweetie Candy Vigilante with an in-store event of epic proportions. Creators Suzanne & John Cafiero as well as artist Jeff Zornow will be here Thursday, October 6th from 6 to 8 PM signing an exclusive Forbidden Planet NYC variant. That’s right, an exclusive cover that you will not be able to get anywhere else!

Can’t make it to the event but still wanna get a copy of the exclusive FPNYC variant signed by the crew behind this brand new comic? We can do that. Just pre order a HERE and we’ll ship an autographed copy to your front door after the event.

We will also have vinyl and CD copies of Osaka Popstar’s new record Ear Candy which features Sweetie on the cover.

We got all aspects of pop culture covered with this one so mark your calendar cause you will not want to miss or SWEETIE CANDY VIGILANTE event!

FORBIDDEN PLANET – 832 Broadway, New York, NY 10003 – (212) 473-1576


Sep 28 2022

It’s Sugar, Ice, and You Betta Be Nice!

Watch the TRAILER for SWEETIE CANDY VIGILANTE! The new comic book series debuts Oct 5th from Dynamite Comics (The Boys, Game of Thrones, Vampirella, Army of Darkness, Red Sonja, James Bond and many more). PRE-ORDER NOW at your favorite comic book shop! Click here to watch.

In issue #1, on a snowy, icy night, Sweetie pays a visit to a NYC landmark sweet shop ‘The Ice Cream Bunny’ hoping to find its namesake at the helm. To her dismay, she finds the shop transformed from its once sugary splendor to a salty den of iniquity. The once beloved store is now a front for a notorious crime syndicate, and they’re not very nice at all. Sweetie uses her captivating persona and unassuming confectionary weapons to tear the place, and its gang of thugs, limb from limb—as the first step to restoring its former glory.  All the while enjoying a dynamic punk rendering of The Archie’s pop classic “Sugar, Sugar” on the jukebox, as heads roll – literally.

Sweetie Candy Vigilante kicks off with a 40-page issue for the regular comic price of $3.99! Includes free pop-rockin’ MP3 download of “Sugar, Sugar” performed by Osaka Popstar, (as featured in the issue) so you can listen along with Sweetie!

Will Sweetie find any good eggs among them? Who is the Ice Cream Bunny? Who is Sweetie’s oversized Gummee hench-bear? Blood! Guts! and a Sugar Rush! It’s all going down in the debut issue of “Sweetie Candy Vigilante”. Isn’t that nice?

Look for issue #2 coming November 2nd…

Meet Sweetie Candy Vigilante! Sugar-Fueled Antiheroine Makes Her Way from Music to Comics

Sep 17 2022

Coming monthly in October from Dynamite publisher of The Boys, Vampirella, and many others!

Sugar, sugar, a brand new super-sweet antiheroine is hitting the stands! Meet NYC’s Sweetie Candy Vigilante – from creator/writer Suzanne Cafiero and producer John Cafiero.

Honey-dipped and dark humor infused, Sweetie Candy Vigilante is a unique multimedia character following in the footsteps of other “bad girls” like Harley Quinn and Dynamite’s own Vampirella. She first debuted on the cover for the album Ear Candy by the group Osaka Popstar (featuring a dynamic punk cover of the classic Archies track, “Sugar, Sugar”). The first issue of the new comic series comes bundled with an MP3 download code to check out the song – perfect to put on while reading the book!

“I’m honored to have Sweetie continue the long legacy of badass vigilante women in comics and media, including those in the stellar orbit of Dynamite’s roster,” said writer Suzanne Cafiero. “I created Sweetie Candy Vigilante because I wanted to read a comic that has authentic NYC flavor infused with fantasy, horror, and dark humor. I’m really immersed in the SCV story. My lifelong NYC residency, along with childhood obsessions, love of art, music, film and comics has culminated in the creation of Sweetie, so buckle-up gumdrop!”

Dynamite and the creative team are kicking off this exciting treat with an extra-sized first issue – extra pages, same sweet price of $3.99. The comic series is written and created by Suzanne Cafiero, produced, edited, and art directed by John Cafiero, and features artwork by Jeff Zornow (Godzilla). Artist Josh Howard (Dead@17) provides two variant covers in addition to Zornow’s, with one presenting the artwork he created for the aforementioned album cover.

Sweetie is an ethereal, charming, and beautiful relative of the mythical “candy man.” She might just be a little bit unhinged, or perhaps unconventional. When she starts to notice her community of New York City being plagued by blight, decay, and dourness, she becomes hell-bent on spreading her blood-caked and sugar-coated manifesto on society. Equipped with other-worldly powers, confectionary weapons, and a passionate heart, she won’t stop until the world around her is as sweet as her!

First on her list is her favorite sweet shop the Ice Cream Bunny, run by an eponymous old friend. Only problem is, what stands there now is a front for a notorious crime syndicate. Which means it’s time for Sweetie to tear the whole place and all its thugs apart, limb by limb. All the while enjoying the new version of “Sugar, Sugar” on the jukebox!

“I was readying to record new material with Osaka Popstar and Suzanne asked if I would record a punk cover of “Sugar, Sugar” to connect with Sweetie,” said producer John Cafiero. “I thought it would be fun and cool to include it as a free MP3 in the first issue and decided to take it a step further by having Sweetie appear on the cover of the record, which I titled Ear Candy. I love to create a full multimedia experience, and thought, let’s introduce Sweetie to the world not only on the cover, but set the stage for the upcoming series by including a variant version of issue #1, digitally, on the download card of the physical vinyl and CD. For the cover art, I wanted Josh to illustrate Sweetie holding a record literally made of candy, with a bite taken out of it. Bringing it full circle, I went to great lengths to create a real-life vinyl record you could hold in your hands, and even spin on your turntable, that looks exactly as you see it in Sweetie’s hands in the cover art!”

Osaka Popstar is the pop-punk multimedia music and art project led by singer/producer John Cafiero, longtime Misfits and Ramones collaborator and platinum selling film and video director. Alongside backing band members from the Misfits, Ramones, Black Flag, and more, Cafiero and Osaka Popstar have been met with rave reviews.Their latest release Ear Candy has been featured on CNN and debuted at #7 on the Top 10 SubModern album chart.

“When John called us to publish the new comic series he’s produced, we were more than intrigued. He then sent us some of the art and story, as well the album, and we were floored at how great everything is and said yes immediately!,” said Nick Barrucci, Dynamite CEO and Publisher. “The mix of story and art is fantastic, and the fact that John is adding in an MP3 to the comic, is helping to grow the market in bringing his audience to comics retailers. We know the fans will love this, and to bring in more fans, is what any publisher wants for the industry, to grow it.”

SWEETIE CANDY VIGILANTE #1 will be solicited in Diamond Comic Distributors’ August 2022 Previews catalog, the premier source of merchandise for the comic book specialty market, and slated for release in October 2022. Comic book fans are encouraged to preorder copies of the issue with their local comic book retailers. It will also be available for individual customer purchase through digital platforms courtesy of Comixology, Kindle, iBooks, Google Play, Dynamite Digital, ComicsPlus, and more!

Read more at Bleeding Cool.

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